The word polyhistoria originates from the Greek root

poly-, meaning “abundance and multitude

combined with the Hellenistic Ancient Greek word

historia, meaning “a learning by inquiry; knowledge acquired by judicious investigation, an account of an inquiry, history”

Together, the full meaning of the word polyhistoria is “a multitude of inquiry-based investigations actively pursued and critically evaluated.

Polyhistor/ Polyhistorian

The word polyhistor/ polyhistorian originates from the Hellenistic Ancient Greek word

histōr, meaning “a wise man, judge

combined with the Greek root

poly-, meaning “abundance and multitude

A Polyhistor is “one who actively pursues, and critically evaluates a multitude of inquiry-based investigations.

Polyhistors are persons whose knowledge spans a significant number of subjects and are known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge.

They actively, persistently, and carefully investigate, research, and integrate many existing fields of study, and open up entirely new fields of scholarship.

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