Video Chat Learner Hangout (Friday @ 4pm MST)

Video Chat Learner Hangout (Friday @ 4pm MST)
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  1. James, Kaiser of Jameslandia James, Tribune of the Jack says:

    @ben @mikro @yasmine @lucas I will be on a plane during the set time on the 11th. I will not be able to attend the meeting on that day, but I’ll definitely join them in the future.

  2. Lucas, Polyhistorian since 2018 Lucas, Polyhistorian since 2018 says:

    Thank you for setting up the video chat, Crystal, that is very kind of you! Friday at 4 pm MST is great, Yasmine and I will be there.

  3. Ben the Trasguan says:

    @lucas and the lot of you guitar players. I am registered, Friday is perfect, it’s right after my lesson. Will put my best effort into making it, but I have a busy weekend, otherwise count me in.
    @james spread your wings and fly away! (Sad to see you go…)
    @crystal much thanks!

  4. Quinn, Polyhistorian since 2019 says:

    Well Ben and I were there and we had a nice time getting to know each other. Where was everyone else?! We’ll need to have more of these!

    • Crystal says:

      I’m glad you and Ben were there! That would have been really awkward if it was just one of you. 🙂 James was on a plane, otherwise, he would have been there.

      I will happily schedule more hangout sessions for you guys. There’s a Free Class next Friday (the 18th) at 4pm MST. I can schedule another hangout on Friday the 25th at 4pm MST if you want. If you guys agree on a better time or day, just let me know and I’ll schedule it for you. 🙂

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