How to Start Building a Great Protagonist by Peter Bacho

How to Start Building a Great Protagonist by Peter Bacho

Budding authors have something to gain from this Academic Earth video, written and narrated by award-winning author, Peter Bacho. He offers his insights on how to look beyond oneself for a good protagonist.

In this video, Bacho presents his musings on how to look outside oneself in order to write a great protagonist.

Noted Filipino-American author, Peter Bacho, is best known for his novel, Cebu, for which he won the American Book Award. He is lauded for his explorations of neocolonialism and Filipino-American identity. Referring to himself as an “old Filipino writer,” Bacho teaches in the Liberal Studies Program at The Evergreen State College, Tacoma, and is a lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program at the University of Washington, Tacoma.

Cebu (novel, 1991 – American Book Award)
Dark Blue Suit (short stories, 1997 – Washington Governor’s Writers Award)
Boxing in Black and White (nonfiction, 1999)
Nelson’s Run (novel, 2002)
Entrys (novel, 2005)
Leaving Yesler (young adult novel, 2010)

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